Eurovision-2019: the leaders of the first semi-final of national selection

Евровидение-2019: лидеры первого полуфинала Нацотбора

In the first semifinal among the best was Maruv, Brunettes Shoot Blondes, and YUKO. They will appear in the final national selection.

In Ukraine 9 Feb first semi-final of National selection for Eurovision-2019. It is known that the contest in may of this year will take place in Israel. The finalists, who will continue to fight for the victory and the right to be present at the competition Ukraine, entered Maruv, Brunettes Shoot Blondes, and YUKO.

In General, in the semifinals, fought 8 participants:

  • The Hypnotunez
  • CESO
  • YUKO
  • Maruv
  • Brunettes Shoot Blondes

The other finalists will be selected among the participants of the second semifinal which will take place on February 16. It is expected to involve serious contestants – Ivan NAVI, ANNA MARIA, KAZKA, KiRA MAZUR, LAUD, KHAYAT, Braii, Freedom Jazz.

It is known that a group of KAZKA has a serious chance of reaching the final, given the current actually record the popularity of the team. As for the singer LAUD, last year, he reached the final, however the winner did not. Chances are the singer is also quite high.

Earlier it was reported that became known voting rules for the national selection to Eurovision-2019.


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