Eurovision 2019: watch the finale online and chronicle of events of the competition

Евровидение 2019: смотреть финал онлайн и хроника событий конкурса

Eurovision 2019 takes place in tel Aviv, Israel. “Znayu” offers to watch live broadcasts of the competition and covers the full timeline of events.

The final of the international song contest kicks off at 22:00 Kyiv time in the night from 18 to 19 may.

On the stage will make the 26 finalists. We’ll also see a performance by the legendary singer, the Queen of pop Madonnainvited to the Eurovision song contest as special guest. It is noteworthy that in the final will see the Ukrainian star Verka Serduchka. As a participant in past years, she and Conchita Wurst, måns Zelmerlow and Eleni, Fereira will sing better songs victorious. So, Serduchka will sing a song of Netta Barzilai “Toy”.

Евровидение 2019: смотреть финал онлайн и хроника событий конкурса

Eurovision 2019, main stage

Eurovision 2019: watch the finale online

Stream finals will be held simultaneously on two channels – STB and NTU. STB commented on Eurovision 2019 Sergey Pritula, NTU – Timur Miroshnichenko.

Now we offer you to familiarize yourself with all the finalists.

Eurovision 2019: a chronicle of the events of the finale

A few hours before the Grand finale of scandal around Belarus. The organizers of the competition had to impose sanctions against the country, removing it from voting in the final. This happened due to leakage of information on the national jury voting, the results of which, according to the rules of the Eurovision song contest should be classified to the finals, to avoid impact on the audience that votes.

Singer Zena will address the audience, but the assessments of Belarus for participating countries will be cancelled. Note that the national jury of the country voted in advance. The jury members assign grades not live, and the day before, during spectactulary participants. Nazgul sends your scores to the EBU, which summarize these data with the result of the audience voting and put up the final score.

You can see the procedure for participants in the finals:

  1. Malta – Michela with Chameleon

  2. Albania – Jonida Maliqi with Ktheju tokës

  3. Malawi – Lake Malawi with a Friend of a Friend

  4. Germany – S!sters with Sister

  5. Russia – Sergey Lazarev with Scream

  6. Denmark – Leonora with Love Is Forever

  7. San Marino – with Serhat Say Na Na Na

  8. North Macedonia – Tamara Todevska with Proud

  9. Sweden – John Lundvik with Too Late For Love

  10. Slovenia – Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl with Sebi

  11. Cyprus – Tamta with Replay

  12. The Netherlands – Duncan Laurence with Arcade

  13. Greece – Margarita Duska with Better Love

  14. Israel – Kobi Marimi with Home

  15. Norway – KEiiNO with Spirit In The Sky

  16. United Kingdom – Michael Rice with Bigger Than Us

  17. Iceland – Hatari with Hatrið mun sigra

  18. Estonia – Victor Crone with Storm

  19. Belarus – with ZENA Like It

  20. Azerbaijan – Chingiz with Truth

  21. France – Bilal Hassani with Roi

  22. Italy – Mahmood with Soldi

  23. Serbia – Nevena Božović with Kruna

  24. Switzerland – Luca Hänni with She Got Me

  25. Australia – Kate Miller-Heidke with Zero Gravity

  26. Spain – Miki with La Venda

Евровидение 2019: смотреть финал онлайн и хроника событий конкурса

Greenroom with the contestants of the Eurovision song contest

The Eurovision song contest from 2019: winner

At the moment, the main favourite is the representative of the Netherlands Duncan Lawrence with his song “Аrcade”. The probability of winning is estimated at 45%.

Евровидение 2019: смотреть финал онлайн и хроника событий конкурса

The Representative Of The Netherlands Duncan Lawrence

In second place soared representative of Australia Kate Miller-Heidke with the song Zero Gravity. But the chances of her victory estimate no more than 11%.

The third place on bookmakers is the representative of Switzerland Luca Hanni. His probability of winning was 10%.

Then there are the representatives of Sweden and Italy 6% and 4%, respectively.

Евровидение 2019: смотреть финал онлайн и хроника событий конкурса

The Representative Of Italy Mahmoud

Who went to the finals of the Eurovision song contest 2019

From the first semifinal that was held on may 14, passed the following countries: Belarus, Greece, Serbia, Cyprus, Estonia, Czech Republic, Australia, Iceland, San Marino and Slovenia.

The second, which, accordingly, were may 16, in the finals: North of Macedonia, Albania, the Netherlands, Sweden, Russia, Azerbaijan, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland and Malta.

Israel immediately went into the finals as the host country of the competition and the winner last year.

So, as always, on the rights of the founding countries of the Eurovision once the finalists are: Spain, Italy, UK, Germany, France.

Ukraine in the Eurovision song contest from 2019: why do not speak

MARUV won the Ukrainian selection, but refused, because unable to agree with National public broadcasting company of Ukraine.

Евровидение 2019: смотреть финал онлайн и хроника событий конкурса


The singer didn’t want to accept their terms of the contract, which includes a three-month ban on tour in aggressor after Eurovision. The singer said that they are ready to abandon the performances in Russia, but will go to Eurovision on their own. The story ended with the fact that Ukraine refused to participate in Eurovision this year.

Previously on Eurovision from Ukraine were:

The Eurovision song contest 2003, Riga: Alexander Ponomarev Hasta la Vista – 14th place

The Eurovision song contest 2004, Istanbul: Ruslana “Dyki Tantsi” – 1st place

Eurovision 2005, Kiev: Gringoli “together we are many” – 19th place

The Eurovision song contest 2006, Athens: Tina Karol Show me your love – 7th place

The Eurovision song contest 2007, Helsinki: Verka Serduchka Lasha Tumbai – 2nd place

The Eurovision song contest 2008, Belgrade: Ani Lorak Shady Lady – 2nd place

The Eurovision Song Contest 2009, Moscow: Svetlana Loboda Be My Valentine! – 12th place

The Eurovision song contest 2010, Oslo: Alyosha Sweet People – 10 place

The Eurovision song contest 2011, Dusseldorf: Mika Newton Angel – 4th place

Eurovision 2012, Baku: Gaitana Be My Guest – 15

The Eurovision song contest 2013, malmö: Zlata ognevich Gravity – 3rd place

Eurovision 2014, Copenhagen: Maria Yaremchuk Tick-Tock – 6th place

Eurovision 2015: Ukraine did not participate in the contest because of the situation in the Donbas after the occupation of Crimea and the economic situation.

Eurovision 2016, Stockholm: Jamal 1944 – 1st place

Eurovision 2017, Kiev: O Torvald with Time – 22.

Eurovision 2018, Lisbon: MELOVIN Under the Ladder – 17th place.

The winners in our country became Ruslan “Dyki Tantsi” – is the year 2004 and Jamal “1944” in 2016.

The biggest failures have happened after the victory of Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest: Gringoli “together we are many” – 19th place in 2005 and O Torvald with Time – 22 in 2017.

Earlier, the Manager Ruslana revealed the truth about the Eurovision song contest.

As reported by the portal “Znayu”, a famous Greek-Ukrainian singer Andreas praised the performances of the contestants of the Eurovision song contest.

Also “Znayu” wrote that the Ukrainian presenter and showman Igor Kondratiuk shared his opinion about the events around the Eurovision 2019.


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