Eurovision 2020: who can represent Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest

Евровидение 2020: кто может представить Украину на песенном конкурсе

today, 14:26

On February 22 Ukraine learns the name of the artist who will represent our country at Eurovision-2020. This day will be the final of the National selection. On Friday, January 10, will announce the names of those who passed to the semifinals of the national selection. They live will compete for the right to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest.

Until know the names of only a few young and promising Ukrainian artists who have applied and expect to be involved in the semi-finals.

Jerry Heil (Jan Shamaeva) prepared for the contest, a funny song with a social message in a foreign language.

“Mene je became Dumka lachey s drive is another question. I may pisnyu zi raznim text on wailevu, my Dumka, socalo topic. I’m bi hotela dwellers won’t sound only within the limits of Ukraine. Won’t obov’yazkovo guilty pokusavati vocals Dan — then TSE navti save Buda. + NBI Verbazende — not only lokalne zmahannya, naskolko I stigla peritonitis for rocky pereglyadu broadcasts. Dine — song, Yak may — angliskoy. , GRI SLV mozhut not understand we have…” she said.

Евровидение 2020: кто может представить Украину на песенном конкурсе

Jerry Heil

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The winner of the anniversary season of the “X-factor” Elina Ivashchenko already written and even presented in the finale of his song for the National selection, which was called to Get up.

“While preparing a song – I’d like to add it with some sounds, effects, vocals. Overall it’s the same song I heard on the “X-factor”, but we will remake it a little and get something like the Remix”, – said the artist.

Евровидение 2020: кто может представить Украину на песенном конкурсе

Elina Ivashchenko

The actor of the series “School” and finalist show “Voice. Diti” Andrey Boyko also waiting for the announcement of the results of the casting.

“I fully understand how serious this step, we react very sensitive to the song and tried to make it as honest, real! This is a story about the fact that I had to live in a relationship with a girl! I want to show by example that the teenager at the age of 17 can be an artist,” he said.

Евровидение 2020: кто может представить Украину на песенном конкурсе

Andrey Boyko

Recall that in the capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam was a Grand show Het Grote Songfestivalfeest with participation of Eurovision stars of previous years.

As reported by the portal Znaia the year that ends was rich in various scandals involving stars of show business. Created a rating of the loudest among them.

The portal also Znayu wrote that the famous Ukrainian singer Tina Karol became the second member of the jury of the national selection for song contest “Eurovision-2020”.

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