“Even dead, I wouldn't sign with the Yankees” -Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

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Toronto Blue Jays star Vladimir Guerrero Jr. loves playing the Yankees in New York, but he would never, ever want to play for that team. < /p>

“Even dead, I would not want to sign with the Yankees”, he dropped, during a long interview granted, in the Dominican Republic, on the YouTube channel El Dotol Nastra.

The words of Guerrero Jr., 23, were obviously picked up by many media in Canada and the United States. Without a shadow of a doubt, the player fully lives the rivalry between the Jays and the Yankees.

“I like to play in New York, I like to hurt the Yankees,” added Vlad Junior.

In 31 career games at Yankee Stadium, Guerrero Jr. has hit 10 homers. Aside from various stadiums that have served as the home of the Blue Jays, there is no other place where number 27 has hit the long ball so often in major league baseball.

The Toronto team finished the recent regular season ranked second in the American League East with a 92-70 record, behind the Yankees (99-63). The Blue Jays, however, lost both playoff games in a narrow series to the Seattle Mariners, which pitted two draft teams against each other.

No pressure

< p>In the same interview given to host Vincent Carmona Arias, Guerrero Jr. spoke for a long time about his famous father Vladimir, who wore the colors of the Montreal Expos from 1996 to 2003. hand the assumption that he could feel some pressure.

As for the father, he naturally had fewer opportunities to face the Yankees, during the time he played with the Expos, in the National. Vladimir Guerrero was limited to three homers in 33 games at the old Yankee Stadium before adding two in 13 games at the new Yankee Stadium, starting in 2009.