“Even in your pajamas super”: the Queen in the jungle forgot about Tarzan and jumped into the arms of another handsome

"Даже в пижаме супер": Королева в джунглях забыла о Тарзане и прыгнула в объятия другого красавчика

yesterday, 16:40

Famous Ukrainian singer, who has been living and working in Russia, Natasha Koroleva powerfully impressed his fans with a new picture. As it turned out, fans didn’t expect this from your favorite artist.

The Natasha published online Instagram.

"Даже в пижаме супер": Королева в джунглях забыла о Тарзане и прыгнула в объятия другого красавчика

“In Moscow the snow and we have @manucharov summer is in full swing!!! I did not expect that I will get such !Wow Thank you NAUGHTY!!! Details of our slumber parties soon on u tube in Empathy Manuki!”, – signed photo of the Queen.

New publication Natasha provoked a wave of comments.

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“Why do so many plastics?”, “You look great! A complete harmony”, “do You even Natasha in pyjamas super”, “You are an amazing person ! Amazing energy. Even the photos convey positive. Just well done! Was quite a long time at Your concert in the Kremlin and I want to say that this quality few issues. Thanks again and all the best to you. Pretty awesome,” write the users of the network.

We will remind, Natasha Koroleva puzzling behavior in the Kremlin: “what kind Of friendship you say?”.

As reported Znayu “Mother and Luda naked Tarzan”: Natasha Koroleva funny fans of the new show.

Znayu wrote, in the family of Natasha Koroleva disorder: no longer together, voiced the reasons.

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