Even Tarzan would have envied: the Queen boasted huge “hose” at the bachelorette party

Даже Тарзан позавидовал бы: Королева похвасталась огромным "шлангом" на девичнике

today, 13:10

As you know, the famous Ukrainian and at the same time, the Russian singer Natasha Koroleva actively own Instagram page and often pleases fans of various photos and videos. Recently, the actress has made a pleasant surprise for the fans.

This time the Queen published an interesting video in which, along with his friends posing for the camera with “hose” in hand. And it should be noted that it turned out she is quite bad. In just a few seconds, the artist changed dozens poses, and then laugh with it.

Даже Тарзан позавидовал бы: Королева похвасталась огромным "шлангом" на девичнике

Natasha Koroleva and Sergey Glushko, HotGEO

As for the fans, they liked this video, which has already gained nearly one hundred thousand hits.

Natasha eternal child! Good, I admire you, Natalie, your style of dress, attitude towards life, most importantly how you feel inside. All the best to you Natasha! You are our pride, the pride of Ukraine!“, – I write with admiration in the comments.

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The portal also Know.Eeyore wrote that Natasha Koroleva admitted how much she had men.

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