“Evening Quarter” without Zhidkova: the artist explained why “fell” from the concert

“Вечерний Квартал” без Жидкова: артист объяснил, почему “выпал” из концерта

Valery Zhidkov

today, 14:51

The star of “Kvartal 95” Valery Zhidkov told why viewers never saw him on stage “Evening Quarter”, a concert which was held in October at the Palace of Ukraine.

In an interview Znaia the actor admitted that because of the workload he was not able to fully prepare for the show.

“I have to “Evening Quarter” is not the first year not enough sufficient time to manifest and as a writer and as a speaker, shared the Zhidkov. – There are many projects that explode. I sometimes “Evening Quarter”, “jump”, as in the last car, with some monologue or speech. My participation, which was scheduled in the concert did not take place for certain reasons. Over the past 5 years for the first time, I missed”.

“Вечерний Квартал” без Жидкова: артист объяснил, почему “выпал” из концерта

Valery Zhidkov

Valera admitted that due to other projects he is actively involved in, no time even to write jokes for “Evening Quarter”.

According to the writer and Stendera, it is a lot of effort invested in the development of the “Women’s Quarter” in his author’s projects: “Guanito and Goodnites”, “Democracy”. Currently, he went on a concert tour in Ukraine, and on December 11 will perform in Kiev with the program “When I become dictator.”

“We planned this tour in the pauses between projects, after all, a priority has been “Women’s Quarter”, the shooting. My tour of inferior priority projects,” said Zhidkov.

“Вечерний Квартал” без Жидкова: артист объяснил, почему “выпал” из концерта

Valery Zhidkov

He shared details about the subject of his solo album in Kiev.

“Why am I this name was chosen for this program? It will be presented this year only in Odessa and Kiev, in other cities, in which you go, there will be shown my last year’s program. She is also on the basis of “Guanito”, but it is more so “peaceful”. More human themes it raises – about children, about sex, about television, about work, about what us happening every day. And “When I am the dictator” – a more social theme, political do not call. What motivated me? These are the paradoxes and the inconsistencies that I see in our society today, and which actually are the main cause of our problems”, – said the artist, “95 Quarter”.

We will remind, earlier in an interview Znayu star “Women’s Quarter” Irina Soponaru revealed their secrets.

It was also reported that to Kiev there arrived kinoshitalite brad pitt, Halle berry and other Hollywood stars, Ivana Chubbuck.

By the way, in an interview for Znayu Stepan Kazanin told how a “Quarter 95” together without Vladimir Zelensky.

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