Events: Hong Kong, accused Washington of having two weights and two measures

Manifestations: Hong Kong accuse Washington d’avoir deux poids, deux mesures

The head of the executive of hong kong Carrie Lam has accused Tuesday the United States to have “two weights, two measures” in their response to the riots and warned that the restrictions the united states against Hong Kong would be detrimental to their own interests”.

The ex-british colony has experienced from June to December, its largest protest movement of the guardianship of china since its handover in 1997. The protests have often degenerated into violence between radicals and anti-riot police who have arrested more than 9 000 people.

Washington has been particularly critical of the response of the authorities in hong kong the pro-democracy movement.

And last week, the us president, Donald Trump has announced his intention to put an end to the preferential trade measures granted to Hong Kong, to denounce a controversial law on national security that Beijing wants to impose.

On Tuesday, Mrs Lam said that Washington would take a bullet in the foot by denouncing the administration’s response to Trump the riots in the United States against police brutality, racism and social inequality.

“We have seen clearly in recent weeks the two weights, two measures that is applied”, said Ms. Lam to the journalists.

“You know that there are riots in the United States, and we see how local governments have reacted. And then in Hong Kong, when we have riots similar, we see the position they have adopted.”

The chinese authorities and hong kong were quick to cite the riots that have spread to the United States to justify the crackdown last year against pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong and the draft law on the safety in the territory semi-autonomous.

“Legitimate process”

The United States is leading the defiance of the international against the draft law on chinese national security, which has received a formal green light from the national parliament last week and plans to punish the activities of separatist and “terrorist”, the subversion or foreign interference in the ex-british colony.

Under the concept of “One country, two systems”, Hong Kong has enjoyed since its handover to China in 1997 with wide-ranging autonomy, freedom of expression and an independent judiciary. And the “pro-democracy” see in this bill the as the most serious violation to their semi-autonomy.

The basic Law, which serves as the mini-constitution of Hong Kong, provided that the city adopts such a law. But the attempts of local authorities to adopt it have always encountered strong opposition from the population.

During his weekly press conference, Mrs Lam noted that its territory was not reached in 23 years to move this text, which had explained the to force a passage, Beijing.

“Nothing can justify that a government, an economy impose sanctions in Hong Kong in response to a completely legitimate central government, the central authorities have taken the decision to implement laws to Hong Kong to better protect the national security,” she said.

“They will harm their own interests in Hong Kong,” she added, in reference to the threats the u.s. to restrict the trading privileges of Hong Kong.

Mrs Lam noted that the 1,300 american companies were present in Hong Kong and they accounted for the United States a trade surplus more important than any other territory.

It was also noted that Hong Kong allowed the Americans to enter without a visa in the city, but that the converse was not true. She declined to say whether this provision could be reassessed in the event of us sanctions.

China has stirred up Monday the threat of a “counter-attack” following the announcement by Donald Trump of a series of sanctions and restrictions aimed at chinese interests.

The head of the american diplomacy Mike Pompeo has estimated last month that China no longer gave to the territory its “high degree of autonomy” as promised in the sino-british accord signed prior to the handover.

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