Events in the United States : Putin condemns the “chaos and riots”

Manifestations aux États-Unis : Poutine condamne « la pagaille et les émeutes »

Russian president Vladimir Putin has said that the protests against racism and police violence in the United States should not make room for the “riots” and sentenced the reversal on this occasion of historical monuments.

When the struggle for equal rights “turns into a mess and riots, then I don’t see anything good for the State,” said Mr Putin, in an excerpt of an interview that will be broadcast Sunday night on state television channel Rossia 1.

Regarding the ” relations between white people and African-Americans “, Vladimir Putin has argued that the USSR and Russia had ” always shown great sympathy towards the struggle of African Americans to their natural rights “.

But if this fight, “even after crimes have been committed, includes elements related to radical nationalism, extremism, then there is nothing good to expect,” continued the Russian president.

He added that these demonstrations were the expression of “profound internal crises” in the United States and that the epidemic is caused by the coronavirus was ” made in light of the general problems “.

The death at the end of may of the Afro-American George Floyd at the time of his arrest by the police of Minneapolis in the United States has triggered a large movement of protest in this country against racism and police violence.

Asked about the spread of these actions in Europe and the dismantling of monuments honouring the memory of historic personalities accused of racism or colonialism, Vladimir Putin has suggested that it was ” without a doubt, a destructive phenomenon “.

The Russian president also suggested that the protesters wanted ” only doctors african-americans treat African-Americans “.

It was judged that this would be an impossible situation in Russia, where “the army, the rescuers and doctors from all over the country” have recently been sent to fight against the new coronavirus in the Russian republic of Dagestan, which has many ethnic minorities.

“This is where lies the strength of Russia, the strength of our multi-ethnic State “, he launched.

Vladimir Putin considers, however, that “the foundations of american democracy will allow the United States to” get out of this series of crises “.

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