Events: lifting of the curfew in New York

Manifestations: levée du couvre-feu à New York

The New York city mayor Bill de Blasio has lifted a Sunday, the curfew of a week that has been imposed on the city due to protests against racism triggered by the death of George Floyd.

“Yesterday and last night, we saw the best of our city,” tweeted Mr. de Blasio, stating that the curfew was in force between 20 h and 5 h would end “immediately”.

The curfew has been lifted on the eve of the beginning of the déconfinement of the city Monday, the most affected by the epidemic of the COVID-19.

This week, the capital city of the u.s. economy will enter into phase 1 of the plan for the reopening of the economic activities which had been put off due to the spread of the new coronavirus, which has claimed more than 21, 000 deaths in confirmed and probable in New York, the most populated city in the United States.

This phase 1 will allow construction companies and factories to resume work. Retail shops will be allowed to reopen under a restricted form.

On 2 June, the mayor, a democrat, had announced the extension until June 7, the curfew decreed the day before, after that many luxury shops in Manhattan have been looted and vandalised in the margins of demonstrations against police violence and racism.

During this second weekend of protests, thousands of people took to the streets, in a manner mainly the pacific. Saturday, participants have defied the curfew, but the police in the whole left, unlike previous nights.

In the previous days, the police of New York had, in fact, loaded and pushed, sometimes violently with the demonstrators, who were breaking the curfew.

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