“Everyone arrives here, this is a disaster”

«Tout le monde débarque ici, c’est le désastre»

The Gaspesians are afraid for their little corner of the country that was “invaded” by tourists, a minority of which little civilized, that cause headache to the local authorities and that is cringe-residents.

Polluted beaches of waste, excrement, tents broken ; cars submerged by the tide ; visitors who are ready to party until the small hours, fireworks included ; lights made even the dead wood, essential to the ecosystem of the coastal area ; of the campers that will be installed in wetlands to be protected.

These campers have left a chair and many of the waste on the beach.

The list of grievances on the part of the Gaspé peninsula stretches as campers misguided and stormed the beaches to improvise a campsite.

“All the images that have been shared, everything is true. And I’ve seen worse “, is concerned the owner of the Base Camp coin-du-Banc, Gaspé, Jean-François Tapp. “This is a disaster in this moment. “

“The problem is not so much the camping on the beaches ; it is the camping of mass and what remains after. It is when everyone arrives at the same time and decides not to respect the environment, ” he says.

Never been a ” worst “

For Alexandra Masson, a resident of Gaspé, the location of the beaches of Haldimand and Douglastown is so repulsive that it no longer wants to go there with her children, an activity that is usually regular. “It is not the only “, jure-t-it.

Several cans and bottles were thrown into the water.

“It is mostly the lack of respect for our beaches, our environment,” said Ms. Masson. People are lying all over. Everyone landed here. This is the disaster. “

The Gaspesians are usually swamped with tourists during the vacation of the building, “but not like that,” says Ms. Masson. “At least, this is not the same kind of world. It has never been worse than this year, ( … ), We did invade “.

Not new

The problem of campers little civilized, on the beaches does not date from yesterday, argues Eddy Piegay, who lives in Gaspé. Concerned, it had expressed its concerns to the local authorities, without much success.

Dozens of tents, up to 70 sometimes are observed on the banks, where party-goers are numerous and disturbing to the residents in the area. Mr. Piegay has against the impunity of the campers, that the Town of Gaspé is careful not to chide him, according to him.

“The terrain of the beach does not belong to the City. But the ground among us, not more, does not belong to the City, and I can’t do anything. It is two weights, two measures “, plague there.

Already, campsites and tourist accommodation to display virtually all full until the end of August, which forces the local population to organize themselves in order to prevent a worsening of the damage to their living environment.

“There is a difference between going camping in full nature in the wood and meet a fortnight on a beach of 200 feet where there are houses. It is the concentration that causes problems, ” noted the mayor of New Richmond and prefect of the MRC of Bonaventure, Éric Dubé.

With the collaboration of Nelson Sergerie

“I love the tour. But do you advertise ! “

Pleasantly surprised by the desire of Quebecers for their wide open spaces, communities, women must, however, try to introduce initiatives to respond to overflows caused by a passenger distracting.

The prohibition pure and simple of camping is hardly applicable, raise the elect, opting instead for the awareness from campers.

In the small town of Grand River, 30 kilometres from Percé, a brigade composed of firefighters has been set on foot to go to a meeting of visitors. “The goal is not necessarily to give fines to people, but to meet them and tell them where it is prohibited, to direct them to certain locations,” said mayor Gino Cyr.

Several municipalities have also set up sites to overflow to compensate for the lack of landscaped spaces, private campgrounds, and public being crowded. Travellers may be present, with sometimes a voluntary contribution, and take advantage of the health facilities.

“I love the tour. But do you advertise ! We have the infrastructure to accommodate a lot of people. Let’s just not what people decide to do the tour of the Gaspé peninsula, not knowing where they go, ” says Éric Dubé, mayor of New Richmond and prefect of the MRC of Bonaventure.

A part of the solution is to invest in time to meet the campers in a mess, have not taken to pick up their waste. Community groups from Gaspé who gathered to conduct a public collection on the beaches of the municipality, on Tuesday, which stretch across approximately 145 miles of coastline. The awareness among campers is also on the schedule.

Beautiful out of the crisis

Despite episodes of lack of civility, people from the Gaspé peninsula surveyed by The Journal are categorical : it is good to see the rest of the Quebec land on the peninsula, barely two months after that the tourist industry is beginning to be seriously concerned about its sustainability.

Mathieu Lapointe, mayor of Carleton-sur-Mer and prefect of the MRC of Avignon, sees even a summer season ” will be online for a summer record “.

If the Gaspésie is overflowing in this moment, to take his evil in patience for the visit is an investment that pays, according to the co-owner of Griffon Adventure Antoine Bazinet. “The thing that I would say to people, it is to come to see us a little earlier or later in the season. It was a month of September wonderful “, is inviting

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