“Everyone else in the shade”: Alla Pugacheva spoke about Svetlana Loboda

Diva long been sympathetic to the singer from Ukraine Svetlana Loboda

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"Все остальные в тени": Алла Пугачева высказалась о Светлане Лободе

Alla Pugacheva

Ukrainian singer LOBODA, which for a long time lives and works in Russia, took part in a New wave of 2019. So, the actress spoke in Sochi on the first day of the contest, performing the song Alla Pugacheva – “Live quietly in the country”.

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Before the performance of Svetlana Loboda gave his blessing itself is prima Donna, which has long been sympathetic to the performer. Alla Pugacheva slightly altered the words of their own songs, hinting that Svetlana Loboda – the most brilliant singer in Russia.

“Live peacefully, the country, here you have another one. All the rest – in the shade. Well, I’m sorry!”, says the Diva. While the original text looks like this: “I’m only one, everything else in the shadows.”

Video LOBODA has published on his page in Instagram, expressing gratitude to Alla Pugacheva and Igor Krutoy, the author of the song.

“THANK you, Igor Yakovlevich for the song, the great beloved to Alla Borisovne for blessing My audience for what I am,” wrote LOBODA.

Earlier we wrote that the Russian New wave contest 2019 were made by many artists from Ukraine. It’s Ani Lorak, LOBODA, the scandalous duet ANNA MARIA. By the way, the last Ukrainians criticized for participating in the contest. Presenter Sergey Pritula sharply expressed in the address of ANNA MARIA.

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