“Everyone knows”: Schwarzenegger publicly ridiculed iPhone11, details

"Все знают": Шварценеггер публично высмеял iPhone11, детали

today, 21:54

The world-famous American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger lit up a new iPhone11. Nothing seems to be normal, but it is not so: journalists noticed on his smartphone a cover, on which was depicted himself, but rather a character from “Commando” that holds the weapon together with the camera forms a pistol. This writes the “Indy100”.

Note that Schwarzenegger did not pass this event a party, after numerous media outlets began to make fun of him

“Since I do a lot of selfies, as everyone knows who follows me, the media laugh at me for this reason. But I also wear t-shirts with my face on it, so they should not be surprised”, – joked the actor for the new case.

"Все знают": Шварценеггер публично высмеял iPhone11, детали

Recall, Schwarzenegger sat like a man with an illegitimate son

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