Everything you need to know before the start of “Survivor Quebec”

Everything you need to know before the start of «Survivor Quebec&rdquo ;


Real fire, the Quebec adaptation of “Survivor” finally arrives on Noovo, and the latter has absolutely nothing to envy to the 49 other adaptations made in the world.

From Sunday, the public will be entitled to the first elimination of the season. The next one will take place during the week. Eviction and “challenges” can also occur at any time of the week, recalled the host and big fan of the series, Patrice Bélanger, during the presentation to the media on Tuesday.

Separated into two teams, the purple (Kalooban tribe), and the yellow (Tiyaga tribe), the 20 participants, who come from completely different backgrounds – and to whom we quickly become attached – will have to compete in physical tests. , mental and social in order to gain advantages (immunity, food, survival equipment) in order to avoid elimination. During the 44 days of games, they will have to use strategies and arm themselves with endurance to survive and brave the elements of the Philippines, where the game takes place.

“It's a drug, it's addictive, it's good, it's strong, it's great and it's unique”, described the host with exaltation, after viewing the first two episodes. Patrice Bélanger also intends to host the show for several more years. If the production preferred to keep a little embarrassment, Tuesday, as to the future of this new reality show in the Quebec landscape, it did not rule out the possibility of renewing the show in due time.

< p>Recreating the classics

For the first season of “Survivor Quebec”, the Quebec team has chosen to stage some of the most striking events of “Survivor” and the classics that have marked the imagination. She also wanted to give audiences and players “something that could resonate within them,” production explained.

To achieve this, the creative team worked closely with Banijay, the holders of the format, to whom we also owe “Big Brother”, in particular to ensure that the framework of the program is respected.

Everything was created on site by Quebec troops. All the accessories, decorative elements, from the totem of immunity to the torches through the objects of the “challenges”, were designed and assembled on the paradisiacal islands of the Philippines.

In all, there are 83 people who worked on the show.

The players

Aged between 21 and 52, the 10 men and 10 women who take part in the competition received, before the start of the events, a battery of training to survive in the jungle, including lessons in leaf weaving and recognition of edible plants, but also in society, with training on consent, intimidation and racism.

Devoted, dedicated and go-getters, the participants “gave so much of themselves that they scared us at times,” said Patrice Bélanger on Tuesday, specifying that medical interventions were necessary to at least at least three occasions following tests, including one which would have caused cases of hypothermia.

Johannie, Isabelle, Simon, Marika, Jean-Junior, Joël, Sandrine, Sango, Kimberly and Christophe form the yellow team, the Tiyaga tribe, at “Survivor Quebec”, which begins on April 2, 2023.

Obviously, a whole team of caregivers accompanied the players during the stay, as well as a psychologist, present on the island, who was available for consultations almost at all times.

Many athletes make up the teams on both sides. Among the yellows, there is notably a professional soccer player, a cheerleader who runs her own club and who also has a background in taekwondo and diving, two hockey players and a former parkour professional.

In purple, there is a private trainer, a former soccer player, an instructor and former karate champion, a physical education teacher and a football player.

“Survivor” is one of the oldest reality shows and a true television phenomenon for 25 years. With the Quebec adaptation, produced by Productions J in collaboration with Bell Media, Canada becomes the 50th country to have its format. In the United States, the 44th season began recently.

“Survivor Quebec” will begin its season in a 90-minute special, this Sunday, immediately after the grand finale of “Big Brother Celebrities” . The daily will then be presented on Noovo, Monday to Thursday at 7 p.m., while the Sunday evening will take the 8 p.m. box.

Noovo's five spring novelties

Noovo will have a thriving television season this spring. The general-interest channel will broadcast three daily news items, namely “Survivor Quebec”, starting this Sunday, as well as “How much do you love me” and “The fabulous spring of Marie-Lyne”, starting Monday. It will also count on the new bi-weekly show run by Marc Labrèche, “I come to you”, presented on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, starting April 11.

For new followers of “Survivor Quebec”, Noovo will present also its analysis program “Survivor Quebec in overtime”, which will be hosted by Jean-Thomas Jobin every Sunday.