Evil 2 : prosthetics, make-up… the actors tell about their transformation

Evil 2 : Harris Dickinson, Sam Riley, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Ed Skrein and Joachim Ronning in interview for PBRK

Prepare to be amazed ! It is this Wednesday, October 16, that comes out in the cinema of Evil : the Power of Evil or just Evil 2, sequel of the adventures of the evil, played by Angelina Jolie, and the Princess Aurora, as portrayed by Elle Fanning. For this second phase, new actors have joined the cast. PRBK met with Harris and Dickinson (Prince Philip), Sam Riley (Diaval), Chiwetel Ejiofor (Conall), Ed Skrein (Borra) as well as the film’s director, Joachim Rønning. They speak to us about the transformation needed for the shoot, and Angelina Jolie.

The world of Evil grew in the second film. In addition to the Heath (the place where live all the magical creatures), the character played by Angelina Jolie will discover that it is not the only fairy in black to exist, contrary to what she thought. Chiwetel Ejiofor (who has doubled Scar in the original version of the Lion King) and Ed Skrein (seen in ‘Game of Thrones’ in the role of Daario Naharis) are Conall and Borra, two fairies black.

A transformation of long-term

Like Angelina Jolie, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Ed Skrein have also had to go through the box makeup for Evil 2. Become a fairy in black, you can’t improvise : Ed Skrein has revealed in interview (watch video above) that it was necessary first to over 10 hours (!!!) to turn into a Borra. In the end, his preparation has been reduced to “only” 4.30. Yes, when even !

Even become the Prince Philip asked almost 1 hour of work according to Harris Dickinson, who replaces Brenton Thwaites. In his interview, Elle Fanning, had also spoke of his preparation for play Dawn. In our interview to see without waiting in our slide show, the actors also evoke Angelina Jolie and reveal their Disney movie favorite.

Interview by Aubéry Mallet. Exclusive content. Not to mention, without mentioning PRBK.

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