Evolution of Omicron: Quebecers willing to travel at their own risk

& Eacute; evolution of Omicron: the Qu & eacute; b & eacute; cois ready to travel every time. & agrave; their risks and perils

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Minister Christian Dubé warned travelers about the Omicron variant during his press conference on Monday: the rules may have changed when they return home.

On the other hand, it seems that few of them flinched. Travel agencies contacted by TVA Nouvelles on Tuesday morning note that Quebecers do not intend to give up their intention to cross the border.

People definitely want to travel, after almost two years of a pandemic. However, they must inform themselves of the health regulations in force in the countries they wish to visit, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Some agencies also advise their clients to obtain travel insurance to be prepared for any eventuality.

“People will make a choice, that of traveling. They therefore accept that the pandemic situation may change. It requires being agile in the way we go about shopping for our trip, ”explained CAA-Quebec spokesperson Andrée-Anne Déry.

“It's taking the time to prepare it, organize it and seek flexibility in the reservation and cancellation conditions.”

With the holidays, a good number of Quebecers want to fly to hot destinations, or even take advantage of vacation packages, such as “all inclusive”.

Those traveling to some popular countries, such as Mexico, must undergo a PCR test before returning to Canada. If the result is positive, the infected person cannot return to Canada. & Nbsp;

Even with the expanding Omicron variant, travelers encountered at Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport in Montreal did not appear to be not worried.

“It's not too scary at the moment. By being vaccinated and keeping our masks on, it will help, “said a woman she met near the entrance to international flights.

” We have to learn to live with that and stop panicking and to turn it into a drama, believes a man interviewed at the airport. I've had all of my bites. I even had my third [dose]. I'm even vaccinated against the flu! ”

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