Ex-boyfriend of Pamela Anderson was kicked out of the football club

After the scandal with actress Rami is no longer a member of the club, “Marcel”

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Экс-бойфренда Памелы Андерсон выгнали из футбольного клуба

Pamela Anderson and Adil Rami

Looks like the scandal around high-profile breakups of Hollywood actress Pamela Anderson and her ex-lover, footballer Adil Rami is gaining momentum. Recently the star has posted evidence of a beating by a former boyfriend. Sam Rami, of course, claims that it was a provocation and he never raised a hand to the sex symbol of Hollywood.

Pamela Anderson broke up with Adil Rami. All the details in the video:

After the passion on the background of their relationship had subsided, it became known that the football club Marseille had decided to terminate the contract with Adil Remi. According to the information of the resource to L’equipe, the decision about the termination of cooperation with the athlete took the club and he was supported by head coach Andre Villas-Boas.

As it turned out, 33-year-old Rami has violated the terms of the contract and went on shooting in the program “Fort Boyard”, missed the team’s training.

That has affected a decision love scandal men with Pamela Anderson – is unknown.

Recall that recently Pamela Anderson made a surprise announcement – the man she was going to marry, cheated on her with ex-wife. In turn, the former lover of the actress footballer Adil Rami has commented on the statement made by the model about the affair with the former spouse.

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