Ex-Kozlowski spoke in detail about fake love: “Good PR”

Бывшая Козловского детально рассказала о фейковой любви: "Хороший пиар"

Blogger and TV presenter Ramin Achakzai called his affair with Vitaly Kozlovsky “good PR”.

So, in an interview for the show “Glory,” she told the story, in which he admitted he was tired of talking about the relationship with Kozlowski.

Бывшая Козловского детально рассказала о фейковой любви: "Хороший пиар"

“I’m tired of the questions about the affair with Kozlowski because these conversations more than the relationship. We fueled interest in it, but we’re good PR. I don’t want to affect his reputation or to reveal the secrets that concern two people,” says Ramin.

She said that he promised her to help in advancing career. The singer said he’d introduce her with “useful” people, but did not keep his word. After that the couple broke up, and Ramin went to Moscow.

Бывшая Козловского детально рассказала о фейковой любви: "Хороший пиар"

Vitaly Kozlovsky

“Vitaly Kozlovsky – a famous actor, and any girl who gets near him, the more status the bride is wow! He was for many years on stage, he has a lot of acquaintances. And he knew how much I wanted to be public. He promised me to meet with many people promised to help in the realization of my goals, but this did not happen. So Yes, now they say: an affair with Vitaly Kozlovsky – it’s good, it’s recognizable. But all is not quite as you may think,” sums up the presenter.

It is worth mentioning that the Famous Ukrainian singer and showman Vitaly Kozlovsky, which last spring disgraced with his performance in Russia and is famous for the naked photos online, has revealed a new photo, which amuse his many fans. The fact is that the singer appeared on the overview of the audience in a very romantic manner.

So, on his page in Instagram singer published a photo where posing near the car with a Cup of coffee in his hands.

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