Ex-leading “eagle and Tails” showed markedly rounded belly

Экс-ведущая "Орла и Решки" показала заметно округлившийся живот

Regina todorenko showed in the Instagram rounded belly and the prize of the Russian magazinePopular leading Regina todorenko, who is expecting a child from the Russian singer Vlad Topalov, posted on his Instagram photo, which shows her already greatly rounded belly, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to Stranaya

In the picture the Ukrainian presenter, who works and lives in Russia, captured with my fiance. Together they are at the award ceremony of the magazine “OK!”. In the caption to his post Regina announced that he and Topalov were a couple of the year by this publication.

The picture shows the TV presenter poses in a slinky sparkly dress. It is evident that she is already one of the last months of pregnancy.

“…Now on our shoulders the mission even more important. As my husband says: “to Become parents of the year!””, noted Todorenko.

Экс-ведущая "Орла и Решки" показала заметно округлившийся живот

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