Ex-leading “eagle and tails” spoke about a future wedding

Экс-ведущая "Орла и решки" разоткровенничалась о будущей свадьбе

Regina todorenko is pregnant by Vlad Topalov.As we remember, for a long time, 28-year-old Regina hid her romantic relationship with the Russian singer Vlad Topalov, stating that they are only friends.

Later, however, the presenter still has confirmed this novel, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to Lisa.

Moreover, many began to suspect that she was even pregnant. And soon, these rumors also came true! Now Regina isn’t hiding its position and demonstrates in the photo in social networks his rounded tummy. So, the other day, Regina talked with representatives of the press, and they learned a lot of interesting things, before Regina spoke. The celebrity said that at the moment we haven’t decided where to childbirth. It is known that they planned for December 2018. Regina todorenko, which is now actively practices yoga, enjoys and kicks from his position.

On why a celebrity silent for so long, she confessed that she just didn’t want to show his entire life. Something must always remain hidden from prying eyes.

“This situation is delicate, that’s my personal. I don’t really want for everyone to see this exhibit. I still have time to think about where to give birth, so I will leave this issue” – said TV presenter.

In addition, the singer commented on the upcoming wedding with a 32-year-old Vlad Topalov and said that they plan to get married in the closest.

“We want to gather all your friends and relatives, to effortlessly, cool, and correct mode. Maybe decide to go to Greece or Italy.”

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