Ex-wife of the captain for the first time openly spoke about divorce: concealed for five years

Бывшая жена Потапа впервые откровенно рассказала о разводе: скрывали целых пять лет

Ex-wife of the famous Ukrainian producer and actor Potap Irina Gorovaya told why they concealed his divorce for five years.

This was stated horova in the “Star trek” on TV channel “Ukraine”.

According to Irina, which also serve as a co-owner Mozgi Entertainment, they are Alex (the real name of the captain) did not want to tell the details of his personal life, not to hurt the children. The spouses tried to make sure that children do not experience stress, and that once the discussion of their private life worsened the situation.

“When it is in such … even when the wound is open, whatever it was — big or small, when there are third parties in all this, however, they can change the course of events. Still, there are things that do not want to read. There are things you do not want to endure. We have children, there are partners, there are some stories,” said Irina.

Бывшая жена Потапа впервые откровенно рассказала о разводе: скрывали целых пять лет

Irina told that the first time jumped married at the age of 16. While it was “not aerial”. Then she decided to show independence and its own character. In 18 years, Irina gave birth to a daughter Natalia.

Irina Gorovaya has been married twice. Potap she met when were still in their first marriage, and fell in love with him. She was about 25 years old, and Potap – 19. But before they began a romantic relationship, they first were friends.

“But the friendship between a man and a woman is impossible, and yet we had an affair. At that time my husband we had gone”, – said Irina.

The lovers got married in 1999, and in 2008 they had a son Andrew. Irina told that now her ex-husbands friends and meet on her birthday.

Бывшая жена Потапа впервые откровенно рассказала о разводе: скрывали целых пять лет

Previously, former spouses told me that they now a good relationship, they trust each other, back at work and in the upbringing of 10-year-old son. In addition, according to Potap, in business, they remain “the only planet”. Private life that they hide from the public, does not prevent them from being business partners and friends. Potap deals with creative issues, and Irina is responsible for the financial part.

It should be noted that the reason for the divorce Irene and Potap media called Nastya Kamenskih, which has long been known to the contractor is credited with a novel. According to media reports, he lives together with Nastya in a country house.

Recall that the left Kamenskih Potap to celebrities: who’s the lucky guy.

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