Excluded as a Québec solidaire candidate because he commented favorably on a column by Richard Martineau and criticized the “wokes”

Excluded as a candidate from Québec solidaire because he commented favorably on a chronicle of Richard Martineau and that he criticized “wokes”


A Québec solidaire candidate will not be able to run in the next election under the party banner, because he commented favorably on Twitter on a chronicle by Richard Martineau and that he challenged some positions on gender identity.  

Raphaël Fiévez, a social worker from Montreal, had his candidacy in the L'Assomption riding canceled following discussions with the party late last month. 

An exchange of emails between him and a training manager, of which we have obtained a copy, reveal that the sharing on Twitter of Richard Martineau's column entitled “Le racisme des Wokes antiracistes”, published in April 2021 and which focused on a book by Mathieu Bock -Side, was not appreciated. 

“The problem is not only the sharing but the text that you wrote in accompaniment”, reproaches the person in charge of the party to Mr. Fiévez. 

“Virtuous nicknames”

Mr. Fiévez had written this: “Interesting article which warns against this growing movement in various circles. Virtuous pseudonyms having divine revelation.” 

The manager also accompanies her email with a screenshot of another sharing made by Mr. Fiévez on Twitter. This time it is a news text from February 2021 about the CAQ Minister of the Environment, Benoit Charrette, who had inherited the responsibility for the fight against racism. 

Mr. Fiévez writes in particular with his sharing of the article: “Something tells me that the “wokes” are going to criticize this nomination.” 

As for it, the position taken by Mr. Fiévez on gender identity, which did not please Québec solidaire, had been published in February 2021 on the Last hour site, which has now disappeared. Mr. Fiévez wrote in it: “Wokes activists [would like] to ban words like 'woman', ''man'', ''girl'', ''boy'' or ''father'' and ''mother''.

“[But] we are not born genderless. Nature being what it is, we are born, like all animals, male or female.” 

“We have the choice, when we reach the age of reason, to accept this sex given or not,” he concluded.

No freedom of expression

In an interview with our Bureau of Investigation, Mr. Fiévez said he was disappointed by the turn of events. “If they had told me that they were dismissing me because they wanted to favor a candidate living in the riding, I would have understood,” he says. 

“Québec solidaire says that he wants freedom of expression and diversity of expression, but if you're a little divergent or nuanced, then it doesn't fit with them.” 

Mr. Fiévez is so disappointed that he has canceled his party membership card. “The basic values ​​of Québec solidaire join me, that's why I went to the party. But after seeing how it works internally, I'm quite disappointed.” 

Called to react, the political formation indicated in an e-mail statement that Mr. Fiévez's candidacy had raised doubts during the background check. 


“Doubts have emerged about his adherence to the values ​​of Québec solidaire during the said process”, writes Rosanne Labelle, assistant coordinator of Québec solidaire. 

Mr. Fiévez was therefore not the right person, she adds, “to represent the party in the riding of L'Assomption”. 

Mrs. by Mr. Fiévez on Twitter against the party since his candidacy was rejected. 

For the moment, the position of candidate for Québec solidaire in L'Assomption is still vacant a few days before the outbreak of the elections. 

– With the collaboration of Marie-Christine Trottier