EXCLUSIVE. Legislative 2024: after her withdrawal, Patricia Miralles affirms, “it is not up to me to say who to vote for”

EXCLUSIVE. Legislative 2024: after her withdrawal, Patricia Miralles affirms, “it is not up to me to say who to vote for”

“Je n’ai pas de regrets”, Patricia Miralles reste fidèle au président de la République. Midi Libre – JEAN-MICHEL MART

The outgoing MP (Together) for the 1st constituency, third after the first round, explains the reasons for her withdrawal, announced Tuesday evening July 2, and expresses her concern for the future.

You have just announced that you will not take part in the second round of the legislative elections. What state of mind are you in??

I'm fine, I assure you. Politics is hard when you really get involved…hellip; But my state of mind, like that of my substitute Philippe Sorez, has been completely clear since Sunday. I am a minister even though I do not have a baccalaureate and I come from a working-class neighborhood. I have been incredibly lucky. It is undoubtedly more difficult for my voters and my activists. Many did not want me to withdraw.

Me, I am against the extremes

Why did you wait two days to make this announcement?

Firstly because there was no emergency. The deadline for submitting applications was this Tuesday, 6 p.m. Then because, faced with the violent reactions of which I was the target (read below), I preferred to take a step back. Finally – and above all – because I expected to have a discussion with the candidate who came second and with the mayor of Montpellier who supports him. But no phone call. With this attitude, we are neglecting the 13,000 people who voted for me! I believe that at Montpellier town hall, they had the wrong opponent by making me the woman to be killed. Especially when we support an LFI candidate elected in the first round…

You would have liked a negotiation with Jean-Louis Roumégas ?

I received a text message after the announcement of my withdrawal, I would have preferred a meeting. I don't know what Jean-Louis Roumégas' decisions will be tomorrow, if he becomes a deputy with the support of a coalition that includes La France Insoumise. I am against extremes.

Work pays less than alliances

The message broadcast on your social networks did not include any voting instructions…

I have 13,000 people who supported me, I don’t know who they will vote for on Sunday. And it’s not my place to tell them. They know me, they know my values, they heard my speech during the campaign. I am and I remain committed alongside the President of the Republic. When I was told in 2017 that we had to go, I went. In 2022, I could see that the work done as an MP had paid off. In 2024, despite the difficult context, I did not hide. But today work no longer pays. At least less than unnatural alliances or videos on TikTok. I regret it and I worry about the future.

How do you explain the results of the first round, on the first constituency ?

I repeat, we are voting today for labels, and the President's label has been damaged. When I see the mobilization of my deputy on crucial issues like water, mine in support of my territory, alongside the inhabitants like in Palavas when it was necessary to save classes or call for security reinforcements… It’s hard.

Do you regret the President's decision to dissolve the assembly?

That would be too easy. I have no regrets. Emmanuel Macron made a decision as President of the Republic, and I have nothing to be ashamed of what we did together.

Continue to serve my country, one way or another

Did Emmanuel Macron play a role in your withdrawal ?

We've talked since Sunday, but he hasn't asked me anything. It’s my decision.

What will the rest look like for you?

I am still Secretary of State. I will continue to work and I will be in the Council of Ministers tomorrow. We're working! And we will ensure this role until a new government is formed. Then ? I would have three months of compensation ahead of me, no mutual insurance or social security, no unemployment… I will have to find work. It’s normal, politics is something different and I don’t regret anything. Above all, I will have to ask myself how I can continue to serve my country, in one way or another.

“Serious things have happened”: the candidate denounces insults and threats

In the message published on the X network, Patricia Miralles indicates that she was the victim of insults. "I was called a dirty Zionist, I was told that I stank of macronia, and much worse…", explains the candidate. She specifies: "Serious things happened. My telephone number and my personal email were released, on which I received more than 5,000 messages from strangers. My loved ones were threatened on social media. This must stop. Otherwise, no one will want to get involved in politics anymore."

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