Expanding medical assistance in dying 'doesn't go too far' says doctor

Expanding medical assistance in dying «ne will not too far, according to a doctor


The expansion of medical assistance in dying proposed in a new bill does not go too far, believes a general practitioner who administers medical assistance in dying as part of his practice.< /strong> 

Assisted suicide is an intervention that is done gently, which has nothing to do with certain American practices – which would be painful – reassured Dr. Julien Auger, who administers medical assistance in dying at the Hospital of Saint -Jerome. He was on the set of the show “Le monde à l'envers”, Friday evening, to talk about it. 

Last week, the Minister for Health and Seniors, Sonia Bélanger , tabled a bill that amends the Act respecting end-of-life care, adding new legislative provisions, in particular to include people with serious neuromotor disorders. The bill also provides for the addition of the possibility of making an advance request. 

According to the doctor, “people, when they are there, they are at peace with their decision. These are people who have experienced suffering that we cannot imagine. […] For them, there are no other solutions, they have reached their limits. When they take this step, it is because they are convinced and they are looking forward to it, ”he told Stéphan Bureau. 

Since he has been practicing this procedure, which he would not change in the protocol in place as it is gentle and respectful, only one patient has changed his mind when receiving the injection. 

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The doctor, through the same occasion, recalled the importance and the obligation to have a final confirmation of the patient's consent before proceeding with the euthanasia of a person. 

“It is a special act. It's never trivial even if we've done dozens of them. It's never normal to go into a room and administer medical aid in dying,” he said.

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