Expansion in the NHL: a well-known magazine militates in favor of Quebec

NHL expansion: a well-known magazine militates in favor of Quebec< /p> UPDATE DAY

The return of National League (NHL) hockey to Quebec was often mentioned during the 2010s and is still on the lips of some observers today, the subject having made the subject of an elaborate column on the site of a specialized magazine, Monday. 

Under the pen of Adam Proteau, the “Hockey News” leans in favor of the Old Capital as well as the city of Houston for a hypothetical expansion of the Bettman circuit, increasing its ranks to 34 teams. If the Texan metropolis constitutes in the eyes of the author a logical choice because of its population of approximately 2.28 million inhabitants and the presence of a modern arena being the property of the billionaire Tilma Fertitta, Quebec must on the other hand convince many skeptics, we recall.

Also, ESPN reported last week that Houston and Atlanta were in the NHL's sights; yet, in the case of the biggest market in the state of Georgia, he was given two opportunities to prove his love for hockey. However, the Flames, then the Thrashers, were failures, the first moving to Calgary in the early 1980s and the latter moving to Winnipeg before the 2011-2012 campaign.

Consequently, these failures must remain in the memory of the monks of the league, who would benefit, according to Proteau, to give a chance to a place and fans who love hockey.

“Quebec is a smaller market, but just like the Winnipeg Jets, there is a fan base that would undoubtedly give a better total attendance than many NHL cities,” he said. Quebec City should get another opportunity before Atlanta.”

Nevertheless, the author also recalls the words of Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs, who said in 2018 that the provincial capital will have to stand out in a way other than economic to attract the attention of the NHL. The “Hockey News” does not dispute these remarks, specifying that the local population is approximately 550,000 people.

“On the other hand, is there anyone who has kept an eye on the Arizona coyotes? This formation plays in a 4600 seat arena, even if it is a temporary measure. Is Quebec the problem? We do not believe it”, he however specified.

The French fact

To those who believe that the omnipresence of the French language could represent a problem for the players and the league, the article brushes aside these statements.

“First, the union would be very happy to add 23 new jobs in the NHL, regardless of where they are. Second, Montreal does well with a bilingual fan base. And for a long time, Quebec functioned adequately within the league. A combination of economic factors drove the Nordiques' move and let's not forget that Denver needed two chances to succeed,” Proteau wrote.