Expansion project: the Dawson college rectifies the shooting

Projet d'agrandissement: le collège Dawson rectifie le tir

Contrary to what was reported last week, the college English Dawson now says that the institution did not intend to increase the number of its students with its expansion project.

On Saturday, The Newspaper reported that the expansion project, Dawson college had been put on the fast track by the government Legault, in the wake of the tabling of bill 61.

This project added space is in discussion with Québec for several years. In 2014, the ministry of Education and higher Education has recognized a deficit of space of over 10,000 square meters in cegep which has about 8000 students per year, which is the most populous in the province.

In an interview with the Journal last week, the director general of the college, Richard Filion, stated that “the capacity of the college will be augmented by nearly 800 students” through this expansion project. The construction of a new pavilion will allow it to consolidate several training courses in the field of health.

Mr. Filion has also indicated that the project had been expanded in recent weeks to take account of the anticipated increase in the number of college students over the next few years. Within 10 years, the college network could count 37 000 extra students, according to budget documents made public in march.

Expansion plans are also under consideration at the cegep Ahuntsic and Edouard-Montpetit, according to the most recent québec infrastructures Plan.

No additional student

However in a statement released Thursday,, Dawson college, says now that “the construction of the new pavilion is designed to better accommodate the current number of students and not to increase its forces”.

The college has no intention to recruit or accommodate more students, since it is rather nearly 800 current students who will move into the new pavilion, precise-t-on. It has not been possible to obtain further details.

The establishment also indicates that the number of students there is “constant” since 2012, varying between 7800 and 8000.

The lesson design provided by the ministry of Education sets the capacity of the Dawson college at 7075 students. Gold colleges are allowed to exceed the estimate of 10% under certain conditions.

The ministry of Education has not been able to indicate Thursday whether the expansion project, Dawson college provides a bonus of this lesson design.

At Dawson college, indicates that all cegeps in the greater Montreal region, are engaged in a process of revision of their estimates, due to the expected increase in Quebec.

In the last few days, this expansion project has been denounced by the teachers ‘ association of cégep (FEC-CSQ), the Mouvement Québec français and the Parti québécois, who feared its impact on the vitality of the French language in Montreal.

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