Expected on Club illico on May 11: “Variety” shines its spotlight on the series “The pearls”

Expected on Club illico on May 11: «Variety” rie “The pearls”


The American magazine “Variety” mentioned the upcoming arrival of the series “The Pearls”, which will be available from May 11 on Club illico. 

< p>In the short paper, author Erika Soucy is said to describe “Pearls” – the English title – as the Quebec cousin of “Mermaids,” that 1990 Hollywood classic that stars Cher and Winona Ryder.

The “dramedy” “The Pearls” tells the story of a single mother, Stéphanie Houle (Bianca Gervais), who raises her two daughters Laurence (Cassandra Latreille), 16, and Juliette (Anouk Tanguay) , 9 years old, in a small community on the North Shore.

It is about single parenthood, early motherhood and female solidarity.

“I wanted to create a feminist series that highlights women who have neither the time nor the vocabulary to assert themselves. While developing many themes that are close to my heart, ultimately [the series] asks a question: “what does it mean to be a good mother?” said Erika Soucy, according to “Variety ”.

On Instagram, Bianca Gervais was delighted that we were talking about the “Pearls” in this prestigious magazine.

The 13 half- hours are directed by Hervé Baillargeon (“Six Degrees”). The cast also includes Jonah Bacon, Chantal Baril, Anthony Bouchard, Isaac Brosseau, Normand Canac-Marquis, Claude Despins, Camille Felton, Linda Malo, Bruno Marcil, Rosalie Pépin, Alex Pomerleau and Lucien Ratio.

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