Experience post-containment in a beauty salon

Expérience post-confinement dans un salon de beauté

MONTREAL – more and more businesses can reopen their doors in Montreal. This week, it was the turn of hairdressing and aesthetic care. The “24 Hours” has two beauty salons to see how the pedicures were taking place.

Anne-Lovely Étienne, The Ten Spot Griffintown

Since last Monday, according to the receptionist of the beauty salon, The Ten Spot Griffintown, the phone does not stop ringing. I even tried to make an appointment for a pedicure, in a context quite special.

To my surprise, the appointment was quick. I phoned on Monday and there was room, the next afternoon. The phone call was followed by a confirmation by email that we were asked to read several statements.

We could read that we had to wear a mask, necessarily, that it could not happen neither in advance, nor late, that it had to comply with social distancing, that we had to bring our own sandals, refreshments will not be served as usual, and that the payment by the debit card was clearly recommended.

So I arrived on time, but I had forgotten my mask in the car. The receptionist blanked me has kindly asked you to retrieve it and repeated that it was essential. I also had me disinfect the hands with a hydroalcoholic solution.

Then, I followed the hostess (also hidden) that has taken the time to disinfect my chair and cushions with a cleaning product. My esthetician, armed with a mask and gloves, I was enthusiastically greeted me and confided that she was impatient to get back to work. It has also been revealed that the employees had taken three days to clean all of the facilities and the salon only took 6 to 9 clients at a time, for all services combined.

In addition, a chair separated me from other clients and I noticed the pane of plexiglass to the station manicure, which separated the female clients of beauticians.

In the end, everything was in place for a pedicure safely and for feet well cared for summer.

Catherine Genest, Nails and Luxury Spa

Like my colleague Anne-Lovely, I also had the experience of a pedicure post-confinement last Tuesday evening.

Before picking up this appointment, the friend who accompanied me had called all the salons rides Ontario and Masson no one answer the phone. Finally, we threw our sights on the Nails and Luxury Spa on 1500 avenue du Mont-Royal Is.

On the spot, the masks were mandatory for both clients and workers. A framework of wood covered in plastic wrap was also create a barrier between the technician and me.

An amount in excess of $ 5 was charged to customers for the purchase of this equipment of protection a bit rudimentary.

My feet freshly varnished, it is through cash that I ultimately had to pay my bill. The cashier of Nails, Luxury and Spa does not accept payments by credit or debit card.

An ATM machine, that has not been disinfected between transactions, however, was put at the disposal of visitors. I left the salon a little dubious with the impression that all these security measures were, in fact, cancel the contact buttons of the atm.

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