Experts careful with the zero deaths Monday

Experts prudents avec le zéro décès de lundi

No new deaths identified, only 69 new cases, number of hospitalizations in steady decline… Even if the key indicators of the pandemic, suggested Monday the end of a first wave in Quebec, experts refused to rejoice too soon.

“Is it past the worst? This is not guaranteed, ” said Dr. Gaston De Serres, epidemiologist at national Institute of public health of Quebec (INSPQ), about the first review in three months to do a state of no death.

The most recent projections of the INSPQ were, however, far from consider a portrait to also be positive at the end of June. Only in Montreal, it was expected to fifteen deaths per day on average until September, even if the population adhered in large numbers to the rules of social distancing.

Call to vigilance

For Dr. Michel De Marchie, intensivist at the jewish general Hospital of Montreal, it is essential to remain on his guard, otherwise the transmission curve could be starting to increase again.

“If it is successful, it is precisely because so much effort “, abounded in the same direction of Dr. Cécile Tremblay, infectiologist at Centre hospitalier de l’université de Montréal.

The challenge of the next few months will be to continue the déconfinement while maintaining a balance as low as that of Monday.

“If we are to offer the virus a chance to sneak, he will enjoy it,” said Dr. De Serres.

The mask compulsory ?

It is also incomprehensible to Dr. De Marchie that the government has not yet made the mask-wearing mandatory. In his opinion it is a far inexpensive to adopt in order to avoid that people that are asymptomatic do not transmit the virus.

The concerns of specialists in quebec are shared by those of other countries, where the number of new cases is on the rise again after a short lull raises fears of a second wave. The pandemic does not retreat but ” continues to accelerate “, warned the world health Organization.

There were Monday in Quebec, a total of 5417 deaths related to the COVID-19, while 520 persons were hospitalized, nearly 200 less than a week ago.

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