Experts have called products that protects from wrinkling

Эксперты назвали продукты, защищающие от появления морщин

Substance fistein contained in apples and strawberries, help to significantly decrease aging of cells in the body.

Eating large quantities of strawberries and apples may protect human skin from aging. To such conclusion experts of the Medical school of the University of Minnesota (USA), according to the with reference to Корреспондент.net.

Apples and strawberries because of the high content of flavonoids and fisetin with regular use slow the aging process. Other fruits and berries of these substances are in lesser degree.

Scientists conducted a study on laboratory mice, which tested 10 of the flavonoids. The most effective of them was fistein contained in many fruits and vegetables, including apples, strawberries, onions and cucumbers.

Fistein contributed to a significant reduction of senescent cells in mice, which led to increase life expectancy and improve overall health.


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