Experts have called the best single chamber mobile

Эксперты назвали лучший однокамерный смартфон

His camera takes even better than iPhone and Google Pixel X 2

The iPhone camera XR – best among smartphones with a single module cameras. This conclusion was made by experts of the authoritative edition of DxOMark. Testing ordinary camera iPhone XR in various usage scenarios, the experts came to the conclusion that at the moment of sublamina just no competition. It turned out that the camera of Apple’s smartphone which makes it better than iPhone and Google Pixel X 2, reports the with reference to

The publication notes that in its key characteristics, the iPhone camera is XR a resemblance to the iPhone XS Max. The identical color reproduction, autofocus, image detail, and white balance. Nevertheless, the dual module iPhone XS Max was still better due to the transfer of better bokeh, in addition, a significant advantage of a larger smartphone is the ability to optical zoom, which, unfortunately, have no iPhone XR.

The iPhone camera is XR conveys color in most cases. Focus deserves a separate praise – it works quickly and invisibly to the user, and thus, the image is always in focus. Despite the single camera module, Apple engineers were able to achieve images with a wide dynamic range. Part of the video the smartphone also proved to be excellent – I can mention the excellent stability and high detail.

In total, the experts assigned iPhone XR 103 points for photographic opportunities, and 96 points for the video. Subfragment Apple is not only ahead of all similar devices with a single camera module, but even surpassed the result of the smartphones with dual cameras – the iPhone X and Xiaomi Mi8. Interestingly, to compete with iPhone XR could not even Google Pixel 2, to the camera which has never had any issues.

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