Experts have told how the Wake affects the psyche

Эксперты рассказали, как звонок будильника влияет на психику

How dangerous is a Wake-up call every 10 minutes.

Many people after the first call in the morning, several times to translate it, to delay the awakening. However, reminders on your phone that are included every 9-10 minutes, can negatively affect the nervous system, according to the with reference to

The snooze alarm in the morning several times can cause mental disorders. To such conclusion came the experts and specialists on mental health, studied the sleep issues at the request of the company Eve Sleep, writes the New York Post.

The study found that each time, when triggered by the alarm sound attacks the nervous system and the brain.

This awakening does not give people the maximum benefit, you need to get from sleep, – said the expert on mental health and neurobiology Matt Janes.

If alarm sounds several times in the morning, the body increases the level of cortisol – a stress hormone, which is responsible for “escape and fight”. In the short term, this may result in just a bad mood, but in the long – term anxiety and mental disorders.

In addition, the researchers sent an open letter to Apple demanding to remove from the notification function repeat alarm every 9 minutes, or at least inform their users about the health risks.


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