Experts predicted the dollar exchange rate for the current year

Эксперты спрогнозировали курс доллара на текущий год

A significant strengthening of the national currency should be expected.

Managing partner IR Capital Times Eric Naiman predicts that by mid-August, the hryvnia will remain relatively stable with the trend to strengthen it. As transfers the Internet edition of the, this is stated in the material of RBC-Ukraine “took the course: why cheaper dollar and what will happen to the FX market after the election.”

“Until the middle of August the strengthening of the hryvnia to 26.5 UAH per dollar. Further decline of the dollar still seems unlikely,” he suggested.

Head of corporate analysis group ICU Oleksandr Martynenko believes that in the coming months much will depend on how calm the elections will be held. “Most likely, major conflicts will be avoided, and the election will not significantly affect the rate. We expect that in the next couple of months, the hryvnia may vary mostly in the range of 26.5-27 UAH/USD”, – said the interlocutor of the ICU.

However, the NBU does not see preconditions for exchange rate fluctuations for the election. At the beginning of the year, the head of the NBU Jacob Smoliy explained that the national Bank has enough reserves of foreign exchange reserves and has experience of intervention in order to prevent sharp fluctuations. Another issue is that, in addition to internal factors, things, according to Smoliy, will depend on situation on foreign commodity markets and the price of fuel and energy resources – primarily from fluctuations in oil prices on the world market.

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