Experts told why cut hair and what to do with it

Эксперты рассказали, почему секутся волосы и что с этим делать

Proper care will not only help to cure damaged ends, but also to prevent the recurrence of the problem.

With the hair problem faced by almost every woman. Together with Kseniya Piskun, an expert in the beauty industry, we understand what whipped the ends of her hair and what to use to prevent their destruction, reports the with reference for Today.

The problem of split ends were popular not only today but also centuries ago. In the times of Ancient Egypt one of the best tools for hair care was the ointment on the basis of the fat of a lion. In the twenty-first the girls have the same problems: split ends look messy, hinder the desire to have beautiful curls, causing discomfort.

What is split ends?

We see this section on the outer layer of the hair, the cuticle, which consists of 19 layers. These layers overlap each other, imbricate. When this tile is neat – hair is smooth, manageable, shiny. But when something happened we experience discomfort. The difficulty with scratching, dullness and fragility – it’s all a manifestation of damaged hair.

What triggers and how to prevent the appearance of split ends?

I firsthand experienced this problem since my hair was bleached about 50 times and was painted in dozens of shades; I love the styling and cheating; do fitness and swim in the pool, traveling and love the sea and the sun. But the hair still remains soft and healthy even after such blatant disrespect for him.


Tap water, salt from the sea and chlorinated pool can harm the hair.

How to avoid: Brush your hair before going into the shower. Use a shampoo that contains no sulfates, phosphates, parabens but rich in vitamins, minerals, organic oils, urea, proteins. Cover your hair at sea and in the pool, using caps, or killing your hair.

Atmospheric effects

Strong fading in the sun and marine breeze; a walk in the cold without headgear – these factors lead to dryness of hair, loss of natural lubrication and moisture.

How to avoid: During strong winds close the hair headdress. In summer use hair products with a high content of vitamin E and UV filters.

Staining and discoloration

Aggressive effect on the hair of some active ingredients of these drugs leaves them dehydrated, deprives flexibility and density.

How to avoid: Choose those beauty salons, which use modern, safe products. Use shampoos and conditioners for colored hair.

Curling and straightening

Women with straight hair always want to try curls, and curly – straighten them. And that’s okay! Unfortunately, these treatments often leave hair without hope for the future. How to avoid: ask in Advance what the active ingredients present in the drugs and whether the risk for your hair. Take care of curled hair according to the instructions received from the master.


There is a perception that Hairdryers and irons are our enemies. Although, their ability to destroy our hair really big.

How to avoid:

Do not dry your hair at the maximum temperature, finish is slightly drying with warm air.

Choose a flat iron with titanium coating – it keeps the temperature evenly.

Extend the temperature flat iron depending on the type and structure of your hair.

Be sure to use remedies for thermopacking or styling tools that contain a heat-protective ingredients.

Be aware that the hair does not have feedback from the body. They are not connected with him nor the blood nor the nervous system. The arrival of the body of nutrients into the hair is possible only at the stage of its formation in the hair follicle. After birth the hair becomes absolutely independent and his need to feed outside.

How to care for your hair in daily life

Wash your hair as needed, not on the recommendations.

In your Arsenal should be a conditioner and a mask. Always use a conditioner after the shampoo and mask once a week instead of conditioner.

Apply conditioner and mask to wet hair, removing them with maximum moisture.

Use indelible drugs that contain vitamins, minerals, proteins.

Just start to do it and the result will make you happy, guarantee!


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