Explosion of Beirut: the lebanese president referred to “negligence” or “a missile”

Explosion de Beyrouth: le président libanais évoque «la négligence» ou «un missile»

Lebanese president Michel Aoun rejected on Friday any international inquiry on the massive explosion at the port of Beirut, asserting that it could have been caused by negligence or by a missile, while the rescuers were active still to find survivors.

“It is possible that this may have been caused by the negligence or by an external action, with a missile or a bomb,” said Friday to the press, Mr. Aoun, now chief executive officer of lebanon to evoke an outdoor dance floor.

Authorities said in chorus, until now, that a fire in a deposit of 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate was the source. This chemical substance dangerous was stored for six years “without precautionary measures”, as admitted even by the prime minister.

Mr Aoun said to have been informed of the presence of these goods on 20 July and have requested that the superior Council of Defense to take the necessary steps.

After charges against him in the media and on social networks, the influential movement of Hezbollah has “categorically denied” having a “warehouse of weapons” in the port of Beirut.

“Neither weapon warehouse, or a warehouse of missiles ( … ), nor a bomb, nor a ball, nor nitrate”, has hammered the head of the organization of shiite hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

In addition, Mr. Aoun, the head of power spoken by a large part of public opinion, rejected on Friday calls for the opening of an international inquiry, because it “dilute the truth”.

The French president Emmanuel Macron has called for an international investigation “transparent” during a trip Thursday to Beirut, while calling on lebanese leaders to “change the system”.

Mr. Aoun has acknowledged on Friday that it was necessary to review a policy regime that “crippled”, because “based on consensus”.

Immediate Assistance

This powerful fire blast, the most devastating ever occurred in Lebanon, has fueled the anger of the population against the leaders of the country. A popular uprising unprecedented began in the fall of 2019, mobilizing hundreds of thousands of citizens.

Dozens of people demonstrated on Thursday evening and calls circulated on social networks to mobilize anti-government Saturday.

According to the latest balance sheet, the explosion has killed at least 154 people dead, over 5000 injured, dozens missing and hundreds of thousands homeless.

The international police cooperation organisation Interpol announced on Friday sending a team of experts specialized in the identification of victims.

The French president announced the organization’s next conference for emergency humanitarian assistance for Lebanon, in the sinking economic for months. The european Commission intends to participate and the european Union has already made available € 33 million euros.

The american president Donald Trump and his French counterpart agreed Friday “to work with their international partners to provide immediate assistance to the Lebanese”, said the White House.

Donald Trump has announced that he is to participate Sunday in a video conference for international donors to support Lebanon.

“We will do a video conference on Sunday with the president Macron, the leaders of Lebanon and the leaders of other places in the world”, has tweeted the american president.

Without wait, several countries have sent medical equipment and health as well as field hospitals.

The world health Organization has raised concern about the saturation of the hospitals, already challenged by the pandemic of novel coronavirus, shortages of medicines and medical equipment, demanding fifteen million dollars.

The aid agency United States international (USAid) announced on Friday the immediate dispatch of fifteen million dollars of food and medicines, equivalent to three months of food for 50 000 people and three months of medicines for 60 000 people.

“Prepare the gallows”

The president of the european Council Charles Michel is expected to travel Saturday to Beirut, to testify to the “solidarity” of Europeans ‘shocked and saddened”.

In a capital-like post-apocalyptic and in the face of the inefficiency of the government, a vast outpouring of solidarity has driven hundreds of Lebanese to continue the operations of clearing or to shelter homeless people.

Two ministers of lebanon have attempted a tentative output in the areas devastated were by people who leaving the rubble.

“Resigns”, “prepare the gallows”, have yelled certain, binding the minister of Education Tarek Majzoub to leave, his broom in hand.

Port authorities, customs and some security services knew of the contents hazardous chemicals were stored on the port, but they reject now the mutual responsibility.

The military prosecutor referred on Thursday the presence, in addition to the ammonium nitrate, “materials highly flammable and wicks slow”.

It is in the process of interviewing dozens of people, said Friday, a justice source in the AFP, ensuring that “high-ranking persons” could be arrested.

Twenty officials of port and customs officials were arrested, according to sources legal and safe. Among them, the director general of customs Badri Daher and president of the board of directors of the port Hassan Koraytem.

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