Explosions in Beirut: Ottawa distances itself from the lebanese government

Explosions à Beyrouth: Ottawa prend ses distances du gouvernement libanais

Ottawa has distanced itself from the government of lebanon, Sunday, advocating in particular for an independent investigation that shed light on the tragic events that occurred Tuesday in Beirut.

“Canada also supports an independent investigation to understand what happened and how we can ensure that a tragedy like this does not happen again,” wrote the minister of international Development, Karina Gould, on his Twitter account Sunday.

Always in a diplomatic manner, the minister has shown itself sympathetic to the place of the Lebanese, who have shown, in recent days, against the power in place in the wake of the explosions which have destroyed part of the capital on Tuesday.

“The lebanese people requires change and renewal, and we support them to obtain fundamental political reforms [and to] get a economic renewal in order to prosper,” said Karina Gould.

The events of the last days in the streets of Beirut are a result of the movement of protest that had galvanized a part of the country at the end of 2019.

For the past several months, the country of the cedars has one of the worst economic crises of its history. The ruling class in power since the end of the civil war is accused of being corrupt and of not having been able to prevent this crisis.

Added to this is now the anger engendered by the explosions, which left over 150 dead and thousands injured.

The outbreaks have been caused by hazardous materials that were stored in the port of Beirut, in the heart of the city.

“We are clear that as long as these reforms will not be implemented, there will be no direct assistance to the governing of Lebanon”, continued the minister Gould on Twitter.

The financial assistance of the federal government is, for the moment, for canadian agencies working in this small country in the middle East.

The Trudeau government announced on Saturday that it will match up to the height of$ 2 Million in donations from individuals made between 4 and 24 August, members of the humanitarian Coalition of Canada.

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