Explosions in Beirut: “there is hope”

Explosions à Beyrouth: «il y a de l’espoir»

A week after the catastrophic explosion that razed the port of Beirut, and claimed the lives of dozens of people, the director of projects of an organization lebanese is optimistic about the future of the city and the country.

“I’m an optimist,” explains Christian Kamel, of the NGOS, fair Trade Lebanon, QUB radio. “I believe that there is hope, a young girl falls incredible. It is necessary to begin by swinging this government in place. It will happen with this new generation. I’ve never had so many calls from friends who want to come and help. There is a feeling of disgust, but at the same time, it has whipped a few troops to not give up.”

On Monday, the lebanese prime minister, Hassan Diab, has announced the resignation of his government, under pressure from the street, which accuses the government of being corrupt, incompetent and responsible for this explosion.

“The shock is still there, added Mr. Kamel. A lot of people have suffered trauma, concussion. People are hyper-sensitive, and the nerves are skin-deep. There is a lot of anxiety.”

The latter says that “the State is completely absent,” and that the people is left to himself to clean the streets.

“The work that has been done is incredible,” he says.

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