Explosions in Beirut: Trump admits that he may have been an “accident”

Explosions à Beyrouth: Trump admet qu’il a pu s’agir d’un «accident»

WASHINGTON | us president, Donald Trump, admitted on Wednesday that the explosions that have devastated Beirut could have been caused by an “accident”, without, however, back on his discussion of the polemics of the day before, when he had said they resembled a “terrible attack .

“I can tell you that no matter what happened, this is terrible, but they really don’t know what it is. No one knows yet”, he stated during a press conference at the White House.

“I heard the two things. I heard accident. I’ve heard, you know, explosives. Of course, this had to be a type of explosives, but that it is a bomb intentionally triggered or not, this has ended up being a bomb”, said the president of the United States.

Someone “has left a terrible explosive devices and things lying around, maybe. Maybe that was it. May be it was a terrorist attack. I don’t think anyone can say at this time”, he added.

“We are in solidarity with this country,” said Donald Trump. “We have a very good relationship with this country, but it is a country plunged in crisis and with many problems.”

The billionaire republican had said on Tuesday that the explosions “looked like a terrible attack”.

“I met with our generals, and it seems that this was not an industrial accident. It seems, according to them, that it was a terrorist attack, it was a bomb,” he explained.

The head of the Pentagon, Mark Esper, was referred Wednesday to the thesis of an accident.

“I have found out about what happened,” said the american minister of Defence at a forum online. “Most people think that it is an accident, as has been reported.”

Mr. Esper said that Washington is “positioning itself” to provide a humanitarian aid to Lebanon.

The head of the diplomacy Mike Pompeo has reported that it had offered the U.s. assistance in a telephone interview Wednesday with the lebanese prime minister, Hassan Diab.

The us secretary of State expressed the”strong commitment” to Washington “to help the lebanese people, which is confronted with the consequences of this terrifying event,” said the State department in a press release.

The latter does not mention the causes of the disaster, not referring to a “terrible explosion”.

The lebanese authorities have stated that the outbreaks, which have left over 100 people dead and 4,000 wounded, were due to the explosion of 2750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate in the port. Ammonium enters into the composition of some fertilizer but also explosives.

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