Explosive Cocktail

Cocktail explosif

Nothing goes in the United States since the death of George Floyd. But what we are witnessing goes beyond the register of protests, as passionate as they are. We are witnessing an insurrection!

The police violence should certainly be punished and controlled. But is it really the only reason for such riots? Maybe.

But maybe there are more. A crisis often conceals another.


Let’s recap the events of the last few months.

Because of the health crisis, the authorities have suddenly locked-in economic activity.

In a few weeks, an army of unemployed emerged, and hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs saw their efforts annihilated. Today, millions of people rely on food banks, and live with the anxiety of uncertain times, or even downright disastrous.

This is in addition to the fear of catching the virus, which veers too often to the anthropophobie, and the effects of confinement on the mental health and other collateral damage.

To top it all off, even the sports activities are prohibited, interfering with any possibility of venting the frustrations and relax.

In sum, the population is anxious, without work, without future, without social contacts, and without stress relief. The cocktail was explosive. The death of Floyd has been the detonator.


It is very easy to judge harshly the social crisis, american, and wearing a look preachy and condescending. But it is a gross error!

It is important to be aware that, COVID-19 forces, we have created the same conditions untenable in the United States, the same collective suffering.

To avoid that Quebec does not become also the theatre of a skid to costly social and murderer, it is necessary that the economy is growing rapidly, that the population finds hope, and that life resumes its rights.

No country should watch the situation in the United States as an anomaly to analyze with detachment, but rather as a warning. Because there, as everywhere else, idleness is the mother of all vices!

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