Extension of the port of Sète on Zifmar 2, the Region releases funds for studies

Extension of the port of Sète on Zifmar 2, the Region releases funds for studies

Le casier supplémentaire de 15 ha est prévu dans la continuité de la Zifmar 1. Hélène Amiraux

La Région vient de voter les études qui vont permettre de lancer la création d'un casier de 15 ha dans la continuité de la Zifmar 1 à l'entrée du port de Sète-Frontignan. 

The permanent commission of the Occitanie Region has just taken an important deliberation with a view to the ’development project “Zifmar 2”. The work will consist of completing the development of the river-maritime industrial zone (Zifmar) at the entrance to the port of Sète-Frontignan, by creating an additional 15 ha locker in the continuation of Zifmar 1." This shows the interest that the Region has in the port of Sète, notes Sébastien Denaja, Sète regional councilor in charge of the port. We respect the commitments made on these spaces within a timetable which remains long, given the importance of the project".

A 7 million euro project

The work is estimated at 7 million euros. The Region thus voted this April 5, 400,000€ necessary to launch the first studies. This land, thus reclaimed from the sea, could be created thanks to dredging residues as part of the upgrading of the Rhône to Sète canal, with the improvement of drafts.< br /> This future platform will be used for the multimodal development of the port. Particularly in terms of offshore wind power. Sète could play the role of a rear base to store parts and bring them to assembly sites. "We have operators, like Schlumberger who is already our partner, who will have ambitions in this area between Marseille and Port-la-Nouvelle and who have already positioned themselves for the assembly of wind turbines" had indicated in our columns, last July, the port director, Olivier Carmes.

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