Extort half a million hryvnias racketeers arrested in two thousand (photo)

Вымогавшие полмиллиона гривен рэкетиры задержаны при получении двух тысяч (фото)

For almost a year, law enforcement tracked down a group of racketeers extorting large sums of money from residents of the Lugansk region. On Tuesday, may 15, extortioners were detained on a street in Severodonetsk during the two thousand hryvnias which had to pay them monthly local.

The gang organized a 51-year-old previously convicted citizen of Russia, have long been living in Ukraine. He had a few sentences to probation, he also had to sit out extortion and illegal acquisition of vehicles. And his gang had already been behind bars for the Ukrainians.

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From the beginning of 2017 criminals terrorized the residents of Lugansk region. The reason is often “organized” themselves, artificially creating a conflict situation. For example, saying that they are bad repaired the car, could require an amount in excess of the cost of the car. Recalcitrant victims were threatened with physical violence, told the “FACTS” the press Secretary of the Main Directorate of the SBU in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions Galina Prischepa.

Mainly under pressure of racketeers were residents of Severodonetsk, Rubizhne, Lysychansk and Kreminna — of these cities lived and the members of the group. Did not avoid the bandits and knocking out part of debts of citizens, time does not rasschitalsya with creditors. Moreover, the amount of which required the victims, ten times the size of the debt.

Already documented the facts of extortion in excess of half a million hryvnia. But law enforcement officials believe that is only part of the prey of racketeers. Until all victims are established.

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All three members of the gang (at the age of 37, 47 and 51) arrested in a joint operation of staff of the Lugansk regional Central Directorate of national police and the Central Board of SBU in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. Carried out searches in places of residence of malefactors and their car. The withdrawn gas, pneumatic and cold arms, 15 kg of cannabis, communications equipment and a large amount of money.

Вымогавшие полмиллиона гривен рэкетиры задержаны при получении двух тысяч (фото)

Вымогавшие полмиллиона гривен рэкетиры задержаны при получении двух тысяч (фото)

Searches and other investigative activities are continuing, said “FACTS” head of Department of communication of the Central Board of national police in the Luhansk region Tatyana Pogukai. The issue of the announcement to the detainees suspected of extortion in especially large sizes by organized group and election of a measure of restraint.

Вымогавшие полмиллиона гривен рэкетиры задержаны при получении двух тысяч (фото)

in the which included active police officers.

Photo the security service and the national police

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