Extortion in Gard: he threatens her with mass, she signs him an acknowledgment of debt of 9,000 euros

Extortion in Gard: he threatens her with mass, she signs him an acknowledgment of debt of 9,000 euros

La procureure Véronique Compan avait requis 15 mois d’emprisonnement. H.R. – Midi Libre

Les faits sont survenus le 13 septembre dernier à Saint-Paulet-de-Caisson. Jugé à Nîmes le 10 juillet, le mis en cause qui niait la qualification des faits a été condamné à 10 mois de prison ferme. 

A 46-year-old Polish national was sentenced this Wednesday, July 10, to a 10-month prison sentence before the Nîmes criminal court. He was prosecuted for having extorted from his former partner an acknowledgment of debt in the amount of 9,000 euros on September 13, 2023 in Saint-Paulet-de- Box.

That evening, the accused showed up drunk and in the middle of the night at the home of his ex-in-laws armed with a sledgehammer. After breaking a slab, he demanded his ex, present on the scene, to commit – in writing – to return to him a sum of money corresponding to funds he had lent him for the purchase of a car. In front of her terrified parents, the poor woman complied.

Fifteen months firm required

During his trial, the defendant mentioned an "argument". And firmly contested the qualification of ’extortion" retained in prevention. "My client is still in love. He showed up at the home after warning of his arrival. He even slept there! How can we talk about threats in these conditions ? ", asked her lawyer before the prosecutor asked, against her, 15 months in prison.

At the end of the morning, the defendant finally received a slightly more lenient sentence of 10 months in prison. Due, among other things, to his professional integration attested by the evidence in the file, this agricultural worker, also a stonemason in training, saw his sentence adjusted to home detention under electronic surveillance. Now subject to a judicial ban on contact with his former partner, he has ten days to appeal this decision.

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