Extreme heat: Montréal switches to response mode

Chaleur extrême: Montréal passe en mode intervention

MONTREAL – The City of Montreal is placed in a response mode, Friday, to decrease the risks related to extreme heat.

Following the recommendations of the regional directorate of public health (DRSP), the organization of civil security of the urban agglomeration of Montreal has activated phase 1 of his plan into action.

This plan, which is deployed according to the weather conditions and the observed effects on the health of citizens provides for measures to ensure the safety of citizens.

It includes in particular an operation of door-to-door Service de sécurité incendie (SIM) and the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) to help the more vulnerable people. Bottles will also be distributed to the people in situation of homelessness.

The City will extend the opening hours of several aquatic facilities, including water games, swimming pools and wading pools, to allow citizens to cool off. Some boroughs have also deployed water games temporary for better weather the heat wave.

Montrealers can also enjoy the beaches of the nature park of Cap-Saint-Jacques and parc-nature de L’île-Bizard, as well as of Verdun. The Company Jean-Drapeau expects his side to reopen the beach John Golden on Saturday.


The City’s request, however, for citizens who show symptoms of the COVID-19, who have been in contact with an infected person or who are returning from a trip not to attend the aquatic facilities and stay with them.

Hand-washing will be mandatory before and after swimming. The locker rooms will be closed, but the toilets will be open.

The time of swimming will be controlled in some districts to allow access to water to a greater number.

Public places are air-conditioned have also been opened in the montreal area for citizens to take a break from the heat.

It is recommended to drink plenty of water, cool off in the shower or bath, limit the physical activities and wear light clothing.

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