'Extremely rare': blue shark attacks diver

“Extremely Rare: Blue Shark Attacks Diver


A snorkeler has been injured by what appears to be a shark in the southwest of England, the British Coastguard said on Tuesday, a rare incident in the country.< /strong>

The British Sea and Coastguard Agency said in a press release that it had treated a diver on Thursday July 28 “who suffered from a suspected shark bite”.

According to the Agency, “it appears that the swimmer suffered a leg injury”. He was picked up at the port of Penzance, Cornwall, South West England.

Despite this turn of events, “it was amazing to see such majestic creatures and I don't want this incident to tarnish the reputation of already persecuted species,” reacted the injured diver, quoted on Tuesday by the group “Blue Shark Snorkel Trips” which had organized the outing.

“These incidents are extremely rare and can quickly be misunderstood,” the group pointed out. “These things can happen when you choose to interact with wild animals in their environment,” he explained on Facebook.

Blue sharks, which can be up to four meters long , visit UK waters in the summer. Hunters, they spend most of their time on the high seas eating fish and shellfish.

The blue shark is classified as a “near threatened” species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. It is prized for its meat and its fins are regularly caught in fishing nets.