Eyewitnesses told about the portal in the center of Stonehenge

Очевидцы рассказали о портале в районе Стоунхенджа

Two people told the same incredible story.

In 2015, researcher Mike Halliwel attracted to the investigation of cases regarding missing children in the area of Stonehenge. The cases of disappearances in these parts is so complicated that investigators have no leads, according to the Chronicle.info with reference to the news of the world.

The proceedings did the court of great Britain. During the next meeting, two people spoke about the same phenomenon. Thus, in the region of the ancient monument appeared a portal, which definitely led to another dimension. This portal, by the way, appears periodically. Many experts believe that he took the kids.

Thanks to the eyewitnesses of the paranormal investigator was able to develop some version of what happened. Young people seem to have decided to go to bed in the center of Stonehenge to experience new emotions. Suddenly a storm began, so the children ran to the tents. Next one patrol saw an unusually bright light, which blinded him.

When the storm stopped, the children literally disappeared. Guard some time called young people, but no one responded. Similar saw a local farmer, which was not far. He noted that “hippies” have vanished into thin air after a bright light.

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