Ezra Miller charged with break and enter liquor in Vermont

Ezra Miller charged with break and enter alcohol in Vermont


Ezra Miller has been charged with burglary for allegedly stealing alcohol. 

According to a press release issued by the State Police of Vermont, the star of Justice League, who uses neuter pronouns, has been charged with stealing alcohol from a private residence. He allegedly broke into a Stamford home in May and stole “several bottles of liquor” while residents were away. Following an investigation, based on surveillance footage and statements, police deemed they had sufficient grounds to charge him.

Police revealed that the 29-year-old actor had was finally found on Sunday and had received a subpoena in Vermont Superior Court Criminal Division in Bennington on September 26 for burglary arraignment.

This is the latest action in court against the actor, who has been in the headlines for several months. In June, he was charged with acting predatory towards a teenage girl and harboring a mother and her three young children on his farm in Vermont. Iel was also arrested in Hawaii for second-degree assault in March and April, with local police revealing the star received 10 calls while in Hilo.

Despite his legal troubles, the movie The Flash, in which he plays the title character, is still scheduled for release in June 2023.