Fabien Cloutier and Pier-Luc Funk will star in the fantasy comedy “Vil et Miserable”

Fabien Cloutier and Pier-Luc Funk will star in the fantastic comedy «Vil and Miserable” /></p>
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<p><strong>Fabien Cloutier and Pier-Luc Funk will co-star in the film </strong><strong><em>Vil et Miserable</em></strong><strong>, a film adaptation of the novel eponymous graphic by Samuel Cantin which will be shot at the end of the summer. </strong></p>
<p>Anne-Élisabeth Bossé, Chantal Fontaine, Alexis Martin and Éric Robidoux will also be part of the cast of this first feature film by director Jean-François Leblanc, which he co-wrote with Samuel Cantin. Shooting for the film will take place from August 4 to September 7.</p>
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Vil et Miserable, a fantastic comedy, will tell the story of Lucien Vil (Fabien Cloutier), a bookseller of used books but above all a misanthropic demon who landed on Earth more than 350 years ago. His daily life will be turned upside down by the arrival of a young assistant bookseller (Pier-Luc Funk) imposed on him by his boss. 

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Published by Éditions Pow Pow, the graphic novel Vil et Miserable was a great success in bookstore when it was released in 2013. Its film adaptation will be produced by Colonelle Films and distributed by Entract Films. Its theatrical release is scheduled for 2024.