Fabien Cloutier laughs at all our failings in his excellent new show “Délicat”

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Fabien Cloutier had been waiting since the release of his first solo comedy show, Assume, in 2016. After Léo's five TV seasons, here he is back with another comic proposal: Délicat . In great shape, Cloutier shoots at everything that moves for 75 minutes, talking about craftsmen's fairs, the spa, global warming and public transport. 

Fabien Cloutier has developed a unique character in the Quebec comedy landscape. As much in Assume as in Délicat, he serves up a text that may seem demanding, but we quickly understand that it must be taken at face value.

Wednesday evening, for its Montreal premiere, Club Soda was crowded for the return to the boards of the one who has fully tasted public success in recent years.

“There are some who have forced themselves in terms of laundry. You dressed up beautiful and beautiful, you smell good. You are very pleasing to the nostril,” Cloutier told the audience from the outset.

Then, without taking a breath, the comedian launched into a contagious release on everything that happened to him. annoys in life.

Uncomfortable to be recognized now in craftsmen's fairs, he never knows what to do when the person in front of him wants to sell him “an ugly business”. “Also, there are a lot of soaps in the artisan markets, too many soaps. PSA: When you're selling soap, you have to look like you're using it. The tone is set.

Hate for spas

In his material, written with Julien Corriveau [who also composed the entry song on scene] and Luc Boucher, Fabien Cloutier sometimes goes far, but he never targets specific people. Apart from perhaps Edgar Fruitier, in a joke that we will not repeat here, but which produced “oh! in the room.

When he talks about the spa that friends want him to take at the end of the evening, we feel this aversion of the comedian for this hot tub. “The spa, this demon machine that looks at you and shouts: vaginitis! »

In a segment on global warming, Fabien Cloutier plays at full throttle the card of someone who sees no problem with this environmental crisis.

“It’s a good 7-8 degrees more than it takes us. My dream is very simple: at age 80, in December, in bermudas then in a tank top, a little monkey brings me Popsicles in an all-inclusive in the new seaside resort of Trois-Rivières. Very Riviera Maya! »

Yellow laugh

Then he goes on to talk about public transport. “The bus smells like nail fungus,” he says, adding how hectic it is to work on a train. “You can work on the train if your job is to stir paint. »

One of his little pleasures? Watch “reports on poor countries on a big TV”. “We had some sushi brought to us, with a good premier cru white, our feet on the pouf, the heating at 24, we felt like we were fine. We listened to a report on the slums. 4K, colors! You could almost smell the life on the dump. »

Fabien Cloutier has the talent to make us laugh out loud, while making us think, several times in his show. He tackles certain delicate subjects with such ease and such an obvious second degree that we embark on his release with pleasure. Despite a few rare less strong subjects, such as his passion for “cachou” nuts, Cloutier very often hits the bullseye with this new proposal.

  • Fabien Cloutier will present Délicat les April 17 and 18, at the Salle Albert-Rousseau in Quebec City. He will also perform at the Théâtre Maisonneuve in Montreal on May 11 and 12. fabiencloutier.com.