Fables of the COVID

Fables de la COVID


The Cicada, refusing to be hidden,

Was strong without

When the virus came.

Not able to breathe, to inhale or exhale

She went, evil combines

In the ant, her neighbour,

The praying of pay

For its health care.

“We must be in solidarity

In this health crisis

With the poor like me

Who have this evil sneaky… “

The ant is not impressionable

This is where its slightest defect.

What were you doing in warm weather ?

She said this irresponsible.

Night and day, chin to the wind

I was protesting against these rules niaises.

You protestiez ? I am very comfortable.

Well ! suffer, now.


Master Raven, in a big crowded bar

Was dancing, stuck, while swimming.

Master Fox, by the scene alarmed

It takes almost this language :

Oh, hello, mr. Crow,

As you paste !

And as you seem hot !

Without lying, if your face

Rubs to all the neighbours

You are the king of the cons of the region.

At these words, the Raven, shocked and offended

By this zigoto who seemed zealous,

Opens wide his mouth that he had unmasked.

The Fox, stunned by such a denial, and said to him : My good Sir,

Learn that the pandemic

Lives at the expense of those who forget.

This lesson is well worth a little humiliation.

The Crow, ashamed and confused

Swore, but a little late, that one not the there would be more.


A virus that spreads terror,

Virus that nature in its fury

Launched to punish the crimes of the earth,

The COVID was the animal of war.

They all did not die, but all were struck.

On the Internet it was very busy

To seek the origin of this evil unexplained.

He was created by billionaires malignant

Wanting to sell us the vaccines ?

In order to better control us

Thanks to chips under the skin ?

Is it Bill Gates and George Soros

Who created this evil, atrocious ?

From morning to evening and from evening to morning,

The animals sought to lose their latin

Until the day when one of them shouted : “Victory ! It has been created in a laboratory !

It is a conspiracy, my dear friends,

A blogger from Victo said to me ! “

Since that day, all the animals

Have ceased to follow the medical advice.

The lion collapsed, the sheep agonisa.

No one listened to Horacio Arruda,

Was left alone with his tarts,

Shouting in the desert between two steppettes.

And it is as well as the horrible pandemic

On all the Quebec expanded.

Moral of the story :

Beware of social media

They are the spillway

Of Covidiots.

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