Facebook began testing a new feature

Facebook начала тестировать новую функцию

It will allow more actively to sell products online,Facebook is testing a new feature that will allow users to more effectively sell products in direct Live broadcasts, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Internetua.com.

In the experiment, when the seller demonstrates the product live, the audience can use the new button to make a screenshot of those products they want to purchase and send a message directly to the seller. After receiving the message, the seller can then send a payment request via Messenger.

A new feature is being tested in Thailand, where Facebook is Live and actively used for the sale of various goods – from bags to cosmetics and other things.

“In Thailand, one of the most active Marketplace communities,” said product Manager for Facebook Mayank Yadav (Mayank Yadav).

The new functionality aims to make the process of selling goods more convenient for sellers, and users.

When this innovation will be expanded outside Thailand and whether the planned full launch, the company said.Facebook начала тестировать новую функцию

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